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Brooklyn Bride BATTLE

On any given weekend, you'll find many wedding parties traversing the rustic streets of DUMBO, Brooklyn. So it was just a matter of time when that awkward impasse had to be broken. James & Christina's party and I encountered the wedding crew led by Kevin Liang Photography and, thanks to Kevin's initiative, we all knew what we had to do....

Check Kevin Liang's Blog for another view of the same scene. Ridiculous and awesome.

Thanks to Christina and James for being down with this!



Meet Anita Ng, Studio Manager at Albert Cheung Photography

Hey guys! We've been growing our team here at the NY studio, and one thing I value is working with other people. I've had the fantastic opportunity to have Anita Ng this past year. Here's more on her:

Where are you from, where did you go to school, and what did you major in? 

I was born and raised in New York City's Lower East Side, but I take no ownership of it. I would say I never really explored New York City until I was 18 and moved out of my parents. I went to a local elementary school, a progressive middle school, the FAME school, and then majored in photography at Pratt. I come from a communicative visual art background. It's all I've known.

Tell me about your time working as a studio manager for Albert Cheung Photography. 

Its been fun. I'm learning a lot of new techniques, shortcuts and software. Every week is kind of different depending on which deadline is due, which is a dream for mid twenties millenials with short attention spans...or maybe that's just me. I really enjoy that while photography is the overall theme, it's not one repetitive task. Aside from editing and doing post work on images, there's also album layouts and studio help that require attention. 

Can you describe your creative style?

Put together with a twist...but done my own way? I like things to to be deliberately composed and framed. Presentation matters a lot to me, and I don't mean that in a vain way, I just think when things are presently nicely, it'll command more attention, and it shows effort. Plus it hurts my eyes when theres a hodgepodge of information I have to look it. I also relate my style to that of an onion; there are multiple layers. On the surface it's recognizable, but beneath there is another meaning, another reading.

Name some fashion influences you admire.

I adore brands that made a reputation for themselves by playing with texture, shapes and patterns while still keeping with simple silhouettes, like Kenzo, Marni or Band of Outsiders. I like fashion that can be a staple for a wider audience. However, I don't adhere to any strict brands. I know what I like and I think I know what looks decent on me. I tend to go for more tailored clothes with minimalistic design details for just the right amount of flair. I enjoy following menswear; it's less chaotic to follow and usually more focused on classicism rather than trendiness. 

How does photography play a role in what you want to do?

I like the communicative aspect of photography and the fact that there's always a narrative to tell. I love narratives that are open ended where one can develop their own personal resonance to it. I look at photography in an artistically therapeutic way. It's something I wish to expand further into. 

What are some photographers/artists/figures you highly respect?

Off the top of my head...Jeff Wall, Burk Uzzle, Uta Barth, and Joann Verburg. 

Do you have any tips for fellow peers who want to work for a photographer or a creative studio?

Be motivated and passionated about what you want to do. It also helps A LOT if you surround yourself with creative (or like) minded people, because you're just thrive off one another.  

Thanks so much! Visit Anita's personal photography website at